How to disable comments on Youtube – checked methods


The article will cover the leading ways of how to disable comments on youtube and block trolls successfully taking control over the situation.

Standard functionalities of the leading digital platform

A lot of people are using YouTube for making accounts and managing channels. The leading digital platform makes it easy to express your interests, emphasize your talents, and make your videos profitable as well. Regardless of the main purpose of your working idea, you are getting in touch with a lot of users. You cannot be sure of positive feedback to your stories. Sometimes, comments are disappointing.

Why you might need to make comments invisible

Managing Youtube platforms and loading video while sharing interesting ideas isn’t always positive. It means that not every response is appreciated with your options. You can deal with the issue to make these comments invisible. Sometimes, people want to interrupt your personal success with inappropriate texting. It can impact the number of potential visitors of your channel.
So, what can be done to avoid tricky situations with trolling texting?
1. If the comments are considered to be inappropriate, you can delete them under the suggested circumstances.
2. If you make your videos unlisted and turn off the comments, you will partly come to a solution. The thing is, that somebody could have the link and still share your video.
3. Make sure that your content doesn’t contain embarrassing moments with other people, so they might be disappointed and give negative feedback.
4. You can report the user in the case he/she is writing something life-threatening and illegal.
5. You cannot remove the ability to view comments at all platforms, only on your own videos.
6. You may directly block the user on his/her channel.
These are highlighted facts on how to accomplish the issue of harassment.

Innovative solution

Sometimes, some of the content producers might want to disable comments because of the occurring situation with negative issues. In that case, the uploader is not interested in starting communication. From the other point of view, they don’t want to respond because of lack of time.
So, what is the procedure for disabling responses on the new videos?
1. Deal with
2. Make an account (sign in with entering your email and managing a password).
3. Move to the profile icon (the blue one, or with your photo).
4. Navigate the drop-down menu and select Creator Studio, Community.
5. Disable comments in the Default section.
6. Click on a Save option to avoid responding in the future.
The procedure is appreciated to be simple if you operate the step-by-step instructions. It makes your content achievable with the target audience and avoids harassment from trollers.