Board portals for nonprofits: real-time savings and better governance

More and more companies in today’s market are directing their efforts to improve their work. That’s why more and more often they use cloud platform tools for organization of all structural units, planning and working out strategies of further development. Non-profit organizations are no exception in this process, as they also adopt modern technologies in their work. What are the benefits of and what you should pay attention to when using them – read our article.

Why do nonprofits need virtual boards?

Almost all companies, regardless of the purpose and specifics of their work, have the same features in the organization of their work. Therefore, nonprofit management uses the same methods and strategies as corporate companies. Virtual boards and board organization platforms in nonprofit organizations enable:

  • Organize at all levels of the company, not just at the management level;
  • Make the planning process more efficient;
  • Optimize the time it takes for each board member to fulfill their responsibilities;
  • Organize a more effective system of control over the company at all levels;
  • Collect necessary analytical data in real time.

Meeting the needs of nonprofit organizations with virtual boards doesn’t stop there. That said, don’t forget the importance of board software in raising and managing financial assets at nonprofits.

Benefits of board software for nonprofits

Companies which are already actively using appropriate software to organize their work pay attention to the key advantages of their use. among them it is worth to pay attention to the following:

  1. Reduced maintenance costs for equipment. The economic benefit is important in the organization of nonprofit organizations. Virtual portals offer the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of installation and maintenance of portals compared to the maintenance of local infrastructures.
  2. Improved performance. With a wide range of tools, the time to perform routine tasks is literally reduced to a few seconds. And the quality of the work is completely independent of the time it takes to complete, while remaining consistently high.
  3. Establish effective communication. Virtual portals and boards are very useful in establishing business contacts and supporting communication. You can communicate with business partners, independent consultants or your employees from virtually anywhere in the world, and there is no need to use corporate equipment.
  4. Ensure security. Today’s digital technology is highly secure. With nonprofit workflow software, you don’t have to worry about loss or leakage of corporate data or confidential client data. You can also monitor users’ actions while they work with virtual whiteboards.
  5. Improved corporate governance. Although virtual portals are universal, they are most often used for corporate governance operations. In doing so, they provide a more effective board of directors, increased involvement of all board members, communication, and more.

Nonprofit organizations can use virtual portals for the same purpose as companies with corporate governance. The result is equally positive for everyone.

Stress and Mental Health

Health is a condition of mental, physical and social well being where infirmity and illness are absent. Various definitions have been applied to the concept of health. It has also been said, “Health is the sum of the healthy and the unhealthy.” The reason for this statement is the simple fact that no one can be totally free from any kind of health hazards whether the health threat is physical or mental.

One of the most common factors that lead to stress is the excess of body weight, either through overeating or being underweight. Being overweight has serious health implications not only in one’s overall health but also mentally, emotionally and physically. Overeating is a physical addiction and leads to stress if not controlled. There are many physical consequences of overeating like increase in body fat, increase in body cholesterol levels, increase in blood pressure, increase in stomach fat, increase in energy levels which are manifested as tiredness, exhaustion and constant hunger.

Mental health is related to the ability to cope with stress. Mental health, in fact, is not a separate entity but involves both physical and mental health. Some of the most common mental health conditions include anxiety, panic disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia and psychosis. In children, the anxiety is associated with adjustment disorders, social phobias, hyperactivity, depression and hyperactivity. These mental health conditions in children are related to the family environment and may be caused by neglect, abuse and other such negative circumstances in the home environment.

Physical health condition is an important aspect of mental health conditions. The major component of the total health status is psychological health. Mental illnesses include depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse and other related conditions. A high level of stress is a known risk factor for many chronic and complex diseases. There are several ways in which you can reduce your stress level.

It is essential that you accept responsibility for your own body and mind. If you feel you are unable to take charge of your life, you need to consult your doctor to see if there are any underlying physical causes for your illness or disease. The treatment for your physical illness will have little effect on your mental health, if at all. It is important that you take charge of your own health and manage your stress well.

Regular exercise is essential for maintaining good health. It can help you to lead a healthy lifestyle and is an important component of good health. The exercise can promote physical well-being and psychological well-being. It can also relieve anxiety and depression and improve overall physical health and well-being.

Occupational safety is another important part of maintaining health. This is the most obvious part of occupational safety. Your employer should be very clear about safe practices and expected levels of activity. Safety training and ergonomics are just two of the many ways you can ensure that your workplace is a healthy place to work.

Stress and mental health disorders are closely connected and they are a serious health problem that can have devastating effects on your mental and physical health. You may be able to prevent both physical illnesses and mental illnesses by avoiding potentially dangerous situations. You may be able to control some of the risk factors for your diseases, such as being a smoker or using alcohol occasionally, but it is your job to take control of these factors so that you can better manage your stress. You should get regular medical checkups to monitor your general health and to find out what health problems you might be facing.

Teenagers and Depression

Being a parent is hard work. But it’s also fun. And it can even be a healing process as your kids mature and go through tough times. With so many important decisions to make about your health, teens, and teens’ health, being a parent means knowing all the facts and being knowledgeable about them.

“This is your child,” says pediatrician Amy Waterman, MD, director of pediatric practice at Childrens Hospital Colorado. “Your kids and teens have the most important health questions. Parents need to have an active role in raising their kids and helping them deal with issues that come up.” Waterman has seen a lot of kids and teens in her professional career, “and some of them are just ordinary kids, going through things they never thought they would have to.” In this article, she shares the top five health questions for kids and teens.

It’s important to understand your kids’ eating habits because kids tend to overeat when they feel bad about themselves. Eating too much can lead to serious health problems, such as obesity and type II diabetes. You must monitor what your kids eat. For example, young kids who eat a lot of fast food, sugary foods, or processed foods are more likely to gain weight and become obese than kids who eat more balanced meals and who eat fruits and vegetables regularly. Kids and teens should be encouraged to develop healthy eating habits that promote good health.

Teens are often unsure about what they want to do as they get older. As a parent, you can help by setting clear goals for them, such as staying fit, losing weight, or becoming more healthy. Point out the benefits of healthy habits for your kids and teens, whether it’s eating healthy or playing sports. Encourage your kids to think about how these choices will affect their lives later on. For example, if your teen has a tendency to eat junk food, tell him that he’s not supposed to eat all the time.

Mental health includes general health and well-being. When your child starts to feel bad and thinks negatively, he may be withdrawing from friends, making him less likely to participate in activities that make him happy. Depression is a serious illness that can affect your entire family. Your teen needs to see a doctor if he or she sees signs of depression.

One of the most tragic instances of mental health problem is suicide. The news reports about teenage suicides every year are heartbreaking. Most of the time, the victims were depressed or suffering from other disorders. Yet, they chose to end their lives rather than face the discomfort and pain. If you have a teen or teenager who is thinking of suicide, talk to him or her about the alternatives to suicide. If your kid knows there are better ways to face life instead of ending it with a suicide, he or she might reconsider suicide as a way to end things.

Another leading cause of death among teens is car accidents. This is especially true for girls. Girls are involved in more automobile accidents than boys and their safety on the road is often neglected. Most parents are not involved in car accidents because they believe their girls will be safe in school and at home. However, there is a high incidence of girls committing suicide after being in an automobile accident.

If you suspect your teen is displaying warning signs of a mental health problem, talk to your pediatrician. If you have any worries or suspicions about your teen’s mental health, talk to a professional before it gets out of hand. An early diagnosis of any medical condition can save your life. If you think your teen may be displaying one of the warning signs of a mental health problem, get help as soon as possible. If you have concerns about your child’s behavior, talk to the school principal and ask for help. The sooner professionals intervene, the more likely they are to help prevent a tragic outcome.

TOP industrial design jobs 2021

The article will cover the standard functionalities of the leading industrial design jobs and how to gain advanced skills to make your design ideas profitable.

Industrial design field

If you choose the industrial design ideas to be a motivating path to your career success, you have to do a great job. Achieving best results is based on the background knowledge and a bunch of sophisticated skills. Formal education format that is purchased at the college is welcomed as well. Informal experience can be leading to success in the chosen area:
● interior design;
● engineering;
● drafter;
● graphic design;
● desktop publishing.
If you’re interested in some of the mentioned options, this is your job.

Main industrial design career ideas

Industrial designers can be directly attached to the four main issues for career development:
● getting a position of in-house designer at the enterprise;
● taking a freelance role of a designer;
● handle the studio for design;
● creating a personal company.
Generally, your choice depends on targets, career opportunities, and a desire to accomplish the situation.

Choosing the appropriate industrial style career idea

In-house design is connected to a salaried position at the chosen company. You work as an employee and get a bunch of advantages:
● reliable salary with suggested hours;
● possibilities to move forward to a manager, a director;
● if you work hard, you may be connected to the best leading enterprises;
● focusing on design and trying different roles to manage in the field.
You will also meet some disadvantages that make you think to change your position or purchase other design career opportunities.
So, what are the cons of working in a company?
● you are receiving a lot of tasks and projects;
● your projects are rarely chosen to be leading;
● you have to manage regulations of the company;
● successful completion of the project is suggested to be the success of the whole company.
Negotiating with the pros and cons of in-house career issues you may have your opinion how to overcome the situation.

Becoming a design freelancer

Working on your own is a key benefit of a freelancer. You manage the positive items:
● controlling the schedule of work;
● operating directly with clients;
● taking multiple projects;
● choosing the appropriate time and limits of work.
Freelance is for you, if you’re ready to meet challenges and achieve self-assessment qualities with ease. On the contrary, you might look for something more specific.

Building up a personal company

If you feel well-equipped and well-organized for moving forward, you can try startup business development projects. Toi achieve manufacturing and selling your special product everything should be done properly. The most exciting options of choosing your own path are the following:
● actual product design is your priority and responsibility;
● great role and high position in managing design items;
● making profit with target audience;
● making unique ideas true to life.
Getting in touch with design options and working on your own is considered to be the desirable objective.

How to disable comments on Youtube – checked methods

The article will cover the leading ways of how to disable comments on youtube and block trolls successfully taking control over the situation.

Standard functionalities of the leading digital platform

A lot of people are using YouTube for making accounts and managing channels. The leading digital platform makes it easy to express your interests, emphasize your talents, and make your videos profitable as well. Regardless of the main purpose of your working idea, you are getting in touch with a lot of users. You cannot be sure of positive feedback to your stories. Sometimes, comments are disappointing.

Why you might need to make comments invisible

Managing Youtube platforms and loading video while sharing interesting ideas isn’t always positive. It means that not every response is appreciated with your options. You can deal with the issue to make these comments invisible. Sometimes, people want to interrupt your personal success with inappropriate texting. It can impact the number of potential visitors of your channel.
So, what can be done to avoid tricky situations with trolling texting?
1. If the comments are considered to be inappropriate, you can delete them under the suggested circumstances.
2. If you make your videos unlisted and turn off the comments, you will partly come to a solution. The thing is, that somebody could have the link and still share your video.
3. Make sure that your content doesn’t contain embarrassing moments with other people, so they might be disappointed and give negative feedback.
4. You can report the user in the case he/she is writing something life-threatening and illegal.
5. You cannot remove the ability to view comments at all platforms, only on your own videos.
6. You may directly block the user on his/her channel.
These are highlighted facts on how to accomplish the issue of harassment.

Innovative solution

Sometimes, some of the content producers might want to disable comments because of the occurring situation with negative issues. In that case, the uploader is not interested in starting communication. From the other point of view, they don’t want to respond because of lack of time.
So, what is the procedure for disabling responses on the new videos?
1. Deal with
2. Make an account (sign in with entering your email and managing a password).
3. Move to the profile icon (the blue one, or with your photo).
4. Navigate the drop-down menu and select Creator Studio, Community.
5. Disable comments in the Default section.
6. Click on a Save option to avoid responding in the future.
The procedure is appreciated to be simple if you operate the step-by-step instructions. It makes your content achievable with the target audience and avoids harassment from trollers.